• Shirt

    Nine hand-made steps that rapresent the moment when the human hand replaces the machine. The armhole, the neck, the yoke, the mouche, the joist, the buttonhole, the labels, the button with the typical “punto a zampa di gallina”, and the placket.
  • TIE

    Cut, sewn and closed by hand then we add the joists and labels, two steps strictly done by hand in order to offer a classy tie, in wool, silk or cashmere, which intertwine to create countless patterns ready to complete the outfits of our exclusive customers.

    The classic garment par excellence interpreted in a modern key, because even young people must not forget that elegance starts from here. Entirely cut and sewn by hand, with 30 hours of work, which becomes an art possible only thanks to the skill of precious Neapolitan tailors.

    Our Knit collection is made with the finest fabrics from cotton to silk, from wool to the most prestigious cashmere to give the best comfort and quality to our customers.

    The Luigi Borrelli Jeans reflect the philosophy of the brand that manages to apply the concepts of tailoring and design of a garment conceived as a single work of art to a modern garment such as jeans.

    From luxurious cashmere and wool jackets, to weatherproof parkas, puffers and trench coats, layer up in style with our wide range of outerwear.

    The attention to details, the modern style and the fabrics selection remain the guidelines for the accessories collection. Beachwear, Scarves and pocket squares handmade with the finest fabrics.