• "Luigi Borrelli - Napoli” has made the history of Neapolitan tailoring: a story of people, passion and promise founded in 1957 by Luigi Borrelli senior. The beginning of a story destined to capture throughout the world, with the charm of the quality and the fineness of details. In 1987 Fabio Borrelli, Luigi’s son, established the winning business formula, the Luigi Borrelli products, took this identity and become a little “object d’art” for the wardrobe of sophisticated connoisseurs, in particular, the shirt, recognized worldwide as "The Neapolitan shirt."
  • Today, Luigi Borrelli junior & Carola Maria Borrelli, the fourth generation has the credit of taking the company into the future, looking for small secrets from the past to move ahead and starting a process of growth geared to brand extension, introducing the production of more garments such as: outerwear, jeans, knitwear and small accessories creating in that way a Sartorial total look.
  • The key points of the brand is the quality and the design: all the products are designed and made in Naples, following the greatest expression of Neapolitan tailoring taking care of every single stitching to meet the needs of our unique clients such as our main ambassador Vittorio Emanuele III di Savoia, which has distinguished our brand as a "Fornitore della real casa di Savoia" by registering the company as supplier No. 16.