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Luigi Borrelli Napoli 1957 | Storia
Luigi Borrelli Napoli 1957 | Storia
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Luigi Borrelli

Luigi Borrelli creates a unique and exclusive product. Skilled embroiderers, the highest quality fabrics and long-standing tailoring techniques make Borrelli shirt a desired garment for the most refined connoisseurs. Borrelli is now supplier of the Savoy Royal House and the most influential men, men who live for style and consider Borrelli shirt an indispensable partner. In 1977, Borrelli starts an expansion process that includes outerwears, jeans, t-shirts and accessories, to offer Borrelli men a guarantee of elegance in all circumstances.

Borrelli in the world

The “Zompa Arrèto” jacket, the “A Mappina” sleeve, the “A Martiello” neckline and the “A Barchetta” pocket join Borrelli production in the world, as per Neapolitan tradition. The whole collection of Borrelli coats completes the clothing of men who love quality, history and elegance. In 1999, the first Borrelli Mono-Brand enters the market. The Made in Italy style, of which Borrelli is creator and promoter, becomes a hit and reaches the heights of global distribution.


We are in Naples, the city of coffee, Vesuvius and the ancient tailoring tradition. Here, in 1915, the seamstress Anna introduces in her workshop a tradition meant to be a distinctive symbol of Borrelli’s family, a tradition imitated all over the world: the white fly and the crow’s feet. Her son Luigi Borrelli inherits the secrets of the “custom-made” style. It is the beginning of Maison Luigi Borrelli: the precious family tradition, the best fabrics and the experience of excellent tailors become very popular throughout the world.

Fabio Borrelli

The opening towards international markets (among which the American and Japanese are the most flourishing) is a merit of his son Fabio Borrelli. The past fertile years have been ideal to sail the oceans and show Maison Borrelli not only to Europe, but to the whole world market. It is in 1985 that the doors of the US market open wide and welcome Maison Borrelli, guarantee of Italian quality. Fabio Borrelli conquers the Made in Italy market and the Neapolitan tailoring tradition.

Towards the 60th anniversary of Maison

Naples, Capri, Rome, Forte dei Marmi, Milan, New York, San Francisco, Palm Beach, Boston, Moscow, Tokyo, Melbourne. In 2004, Borrelli flagship stores reach places symbol of market and tourism. In 2014, Borrelli strengthens its presence in Italy with a new opening in Florence and a new design project for all stores. In 2015, Borrelli opens a flagship store in St. Petersburg..

The route is clear. The crew is Italian, ready, fearless and unbeatable. Borrelli shirt has become a symbol of undisputed quality, a recognized flag thanks to which it is possible to reach all the best ports. When you ask Fabio Borrelli, the helmsman, what he sees in the future, this is his reply: “The past and the path already done that determines what to do”. The backward step is only necessary to move forward. Towards the sixty years of this happy journey. Towards the celebrations of 2017.