Luigi Borrelli Napoli 1957 | Prodotti
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Eight hand-made steps that rapresent the moment when the human hand replaces the machine. The armhole, the neck, the yoke, la mouche, the joist, the buttonhole, the button with the typical “punto a zampa di gallina”, and the placket. All of this never forgetting the style, classic and modern at the same time. Borrelli stands out for its native ability to join the finest popeline with a denim or a jacquard, in the same wardrobe.


A “little” detail to which we have given the same care that always let us to stand out. The cut, the seam, trave and label application done through an hand-made process to offer a top-class tie made of wool, silk or cashmere braided to create countless textures, ready to complete the outfits of our needy clients.


Fully-respecting our handcraft tradition, we give attention to details by selecting canvas and prestigious accessories, from the button to the zipper, from cottons to the labels. thedistinctive sign of our jeans is the embroidery on the right pocket.


From the classic taste to sportwear. Our Knit collection is made with the best fabrics selection from cotton to silk, from wool to the most prestigious cashmere to give to our customers comfortable and high quality clothes.


The attention to detail, the modern style and the fabrics selection remain the guidelines for the accessories collection. Beachwear, Scarfs and pochettes made with countless textures.

Suits and coats

With suits and coats, Borrelli fulfill its mission: the classic garment for excellence reviewed in modern way because even the young clients must not forget that elegance starts here. Totally handmade cutted and sewned by a 30-hours-production that becomes a possible art thanks to the prestigious Neapolitan tailors. All of this fulfilled by a carefully fabrics selection.


A clothes collection that complete the Borrelli’s menswear collection remarkable for its modern and new taste as well as a rich models range made with various fabrics, from down to cashmere, from leather to buckskin, from flax to cotton.


The clothe that complete the outfit of those who dresses coat and shirt, could not misses the borrelli’s guidelines: handcraft production and meticulous fabrics selection never forgetting the contemporary style.